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$ 12.99 $ 89.99. Sale! Learn More About Poly Guard REPELIN Foul Release Coating / This product contains no silicones or petroleum distillates which are two chemicals that should NEVER be used on an inflatable boat. Provides a beautiful, long-lasting shine. MDR-Amazon. Aurora Premium Boat Shine: Repelin: Sure Step: $35.00. Its safe for all Hypalon and PVC fabric, does not contains silicone and petroleum distillates which are chemicals that should NEVER used on an inflatable boat. Our Products >> Aerospace 303 Protectant. Repelin protects against the attachment of algae, barnacles & zebra mussels and prevents Osmosis Blisters. But even the best inflatable kayaks and rafts arent immune to the sunjust very resistant to it. Rub strake is 8" (20cm) wide. Item #: 16 Reviews Write a Review. Protect your Inflatable Boat from UV damage and more with POLY GUARD! Specifically formulated for use on Hypalon, PVC and all other inflatable boat fabrics, plus fiberglass, rubber and plastic. Removes salt deposits, bird droppings and other assorted grime. Removes salt deposits, bird droppings and other assorted grime. Easy to apply, two coats last all season. Fast & Easy to Use: Wipe On & Let Dry. $18.99. 303 UV Protectant for Inflatable Boats provides superior protection against the suns harmful UV rays, preventing your inflatable from fading and cracking over time.

PTEF polymers bond to treated surface to help repel stains and damaging UV rays. Protects your hull. Inflatable Boat Protectant 8oz. Star Brite is highly recognized when it comes to providing great solutions for marine cleaning including the boat hull. Intended Use of the Product Poly Guard $ 36.00 $ 30.00. $ 59.99. This cleaner works on all Hypalon, PVC, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, neoprene, and inflatable boat fabrics. How To: Clean and Store Your Inflatable Boat (6:02) Protect Hard Surfaces from UV Rays with 303 Aerospace Protectant (1:12) More Information. Allow application to dry to a haze. Durabak is totally flexible and is ideal for an inflatable boat as it will help hold in the air. A simple spay on protectant than can help protect your boat if used regularly. Inland Marine's Inflatable Boat Restoration Kit includes one Inland Marine Sealant, one Liquid Rubber in Gray only, one quart of Topside Paint in your choice of gray, white or black, and one Numbering Stencil Kit, in black only. 303 Aerospace Protectant is the most powerful UV screening protection ever made. 303 Aerospace Protectant SPF 40 SUNSCREEN for your inflatable boat available in 16 oz trigger spray. POLY GUARD ProtectantProtects Your Inflatable Boat against UV damage, Dirt, Grime, Diesel, Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More.

That is same extra wide rub strake protectors that are used in our line of FB Fishing Inflatable Boats. Several dealers of inflatable boats recommended 303 Protectant ( for use on their Hypalon and PVC boats. Restores lost color and luster. It can protect your inflatable boat and kayak from UV rays efficiently, with a SPF(Sun Protect Factor) 40 protection. 303 Protectant. Safe for all PVC, Hypalon and Polyurethane fabrics. Boat Clean Plus $ 22.00 $ 18.00. Bixlers inflatable boat cleaner is a superior cleaner for all inflatable boat fabrics and surfaces including fiberglass. Our exclusive formula is a fast acting detergent that quickly removes stains, dirt, grime and oil with ease. Inquire Us. SECTION 1: IDENTIFICATION . $30.00. Sale! Features.

Marine Power Mitt $ 20.00 $ 18.00. Sale! of respondents would recommend this to a friend. For Sea Eagle products, they suggest 303 Protectant, to be applied every 30-45 days for boats that are stored in the sun. Size: 16 fl oz. The "golden nugget" is that I believe this is just normal 303 UV protectant formula but specifically marketed for this inflatable boat segment (makes sense from marketing perspective)thus there are more 303 buying options and easier to find good pricing (especially bulk size - 128oz listed on Amazon for $48 as of today - 8x the size for 3x the price). Additional information. Explore Boat. 77, No. $26.00 (1) $14.99. Step Three: Application of Aurora Poly Guard UV Protector. Inflatable Bottom Spray $ 36.00 $ 30.00. Perfectly clear, hard, smooth, flexible surface. Star Brite Vinyl Cleaner, Polish and Protectant.


Model: AB Inflatable Boat Parts. Shake bottle well. Formula leaves a

Penetrates into stain to dissolve it; rinse or wipe clean. This product is s afe for Hypalon & PVC, and will not attack adhesives or fabric. Extremely effective UV protection for all inflatable boat materials including Hypalon, PVC and Nitrylon. This Starbrite Inflatable Boat Cleaner & Protector is specifically formulated for use on Hypalon, PVC, and all other inflatable boat fabrics, plus fiberglass, rubber and plastic. If your boat already has a few of these spots, dont worry you can use RIB-specified cleaning solution and a soft brush to remove the gunk and restore color to faded areas. Choose textured Durabak for areas of the boat that need extra grip for or extra abrasion and impact protection from rocks etc. Select number of foot sections by increasing order qty to desired number of feet. 86%. 16oz. So to help your boat out, its a good idea to give your boat a squirt of UV protectant designed for inflatable boats. It's easy to use; simply wet the surface with water and spray on Boat Cleaner. We offer a wide variety of rescue boat, first responder boat, and commercial boat applications. UNCLE WIGGLIS FABRIC PROTECTANT (UV) QT. Brimhall Marine Inc at 1145 S Industrial Pkwy was recently discovered under Provo, UT boat service

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Description. Using a clean, dry cloth apply Star brite Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner/ Protector to a small area at a time. 5. Long-term exposure to UV rays will, over extended periods of time, make an inflatable boats fabric brittle. 303 Protectant protects boats from the Suns UV Rays. The 303 Protectant is basically a kind of non-toxic spray that can be used for protecting the inflatable material in industry. Rub briskly in even overlapping circular motion to ensure uniform cleaning. Water-based ablative antifouling for inflatable boats. Apply two coats and wait 20 minutes between applications. Starbrite's Inflatable Boat & Fender Cleaner is a heavy duty formula that removes dirt, grime, scuff marks and oxidation stains. 4.5. We offer one of the largest selections of inflatable boat accessories anywhere! 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules and Regulations Revision Date: 08/14/2014 Date of issue: 08/14/2014 Version: 1.0 . Originally developed for aerospace and aviation applications, 303 repels harmful ultraviolet radiation and is really helpful in prolonging the lifetime of your raft or inflatable boat. 783 paint. 2 Coats of Poly Guard Last 4-6 Months and You will get Luxurious, Long Lasting Shine.

After cleaning, rinse with water. Specifically formulated for use on Hypalon, PVC and all other inflatable boat fabrics, plus fiberglass, rubber and plastic. BoatTector Inflatable Fender - 5.5" x 20", Neon Orange Extreme Max BoatTector inflatable utility Extreme Max BoatTector inflatable utility fenders can be used by both trailered boats and in permanent/protected moorings. $15.00. Extend the life of your Sea Eagle boat with 303 protectant! Both PVC and Hypalon are susceptible to UV damage, and no inflatable is impervious to rusty nails and jagged edges when pulling up to a dinghy dock. For use on RIBS, inflatable boats, inflatable tow toys, kayaks and standup paddleboards. Sale! The best protection for ANY inflatable boat and raft material including Hypalon and PVC. Aurora Poly Guard UV Protectant and Polish is suitable to use all over your inflatable boat or rib, hypalon, pvc, fiberglass, nylon etc. Marine Aerospace Protectant is a premium protectant designed to safeguard boats and boat equipment against the damaging effects of daily exposure to UV rays. Its safe for use on outdoor gear and apparel, too. Despite how complex the finished product might look, sewing dinghy chaps is not a difficult project. 303 Aerospace Protectant is the most powerful UV screening protection ever made. Inflatable Boat Protectant Safety Data Sheet according to Federal Register / Vol. Easy to use spray on and wipe off. Boaters Edge BE1922 Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. The main purpose of chaps is to provide UV and chafe protection to the inflatable pontoons. Poly Guard. The formula features powerful cleaning agents that lift grim and dirt from inflatable boats without heavy scrubbing. Whether in the water for a day or all season, protect your Inflatable bottom against attachment of marine growth, dirt, diesel, exhaust soot. Inquire Us. Safe for all PVC and Hypalon inflatable boats. Looking for a Commercial Boat Application? This safe yet deep penetrating surface protectant will also prevent future oxidation and fading . With Durabak's marine paint you protect the PVC or Hypalon from abrasion and impact to add years its life.

Restores color, shine and gloss without being oily. Make sure you can get access to all the tight spaces that might be hiding dirt, grime, or PVC harming chemicals. Use this mildew remover to work wonders for your boat vinyl surfaces but with extra care on your upholstery stitching for longer use. Spray on every 30-45 days to improve resistance to UV, chemical and many other types of harmful exposure. The most innovative protectant for all brands of inflatable boats available today. Safe for all PVC and Hypalon fabric. $19. Dries to a clear matte finish.

From MDR-Amazon-a New Jersey-based maker of marine maintenance products-we tested the dark gray No. A New Space Age Polymer. Aerospace 303 Protectant: Aurora Boat Clean Plus: Aurora Boat Scrub: $16.00. Approved and recommended by all boat manufacturers. Overview.

The Rayglass Protector 310 Chase is the ultimate high-performance utility vessel, with the power of twin engines and unrivalled blue water capability.

$ 36.00 $ 30.00. Use it on lots of boating and household gear. Inquire Us. Easy to use: Simply spray on and wipe dry. Best Inflatable Boat Protectant Showing all 8 results. The same goes for fuel, so clean up any spills quickly. Green Genie: Inflatable Boat Bottom Spray: Inflatable Boat Cleaner: $19.99. Sure Step $ 40.00 $ 33.00. Product Name: Inflatable Boat Protectant Product Code: 15741523. Luckily it is relatively easy to fix high pressure air floor with PVC patch or just drop of glue placed on a place of puncture. Protects against UV, sun tan oil, chalking, dirt, diesel, stains and more. Use every 30-45 days for optimal protection. Protects Your Inflatable Boat against UV damage, Dirt, Grime, Diesel, Soot, Stains, Bird Droppings and More. Luxurious shine for your boat. Inflatable Boat Protectant and Sealant, 16 oz Step 3 Our exclusive sealant formula restores color and shine and provides surface and UV protection. It is non greasy, non slippery, doesnt get on your clothes or person and lasts for a whole season.

Begin by removing the wood floorboards or air floor from your boat. Inquire Us. Let it set for a minute or two, then scrub off the dirt, oxidation, grunge, frame marks, etc that have accumulated. Inflatable Boat Bottom Paint. Repels dust, soiling and staining and treated surfaces will stay cleaner longer. Wash surface to remove dust and loose dirt then dry thoroughly. Sale! It helps repel dust, dirt and grime, and leaves a dry, matte, non-greasy finish. Safe for Hypalon and PVC. Fast and easy to use: wipe on and let dry. (53) Powerful UV blockers prevent fading, cracking and premature aging.

The sturdy PVC walls are designed with reinforced ribs and consistent wall thickness for durability and abrasion resistance. Product Identifier . Usage Directions: Use only on a clean surface. Marine Aerospace Protectant. Washes off easily so reapply often. 11. Penetrates into stain to dissolve it; rinse or wipe clean. Bazooka Inflatable Boat Protectant is biodegradable and provides superior protection to prevent fading and cracking of your inflatable boat. This surface protectant absorbs deeply to prevent oxidation, fading, and future dirt and grime stains by sealing the pores of the inflatable. Directions.

For extra protection for your inflatable, apply a water-based protectant to protect the tubing material. Developed for aerospace and aviation application so it does not attract dust. Inquire Us. The French company Pennel & Flipo sent some of its cleaner, which is made specifically for Hypalon. -Inflatable Boat Cleaner by NRS-303 Aerospace Protectant-MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)* *MEK is not necessary, but can be used to help remove tough stains. Use it on lots of boating and household gear. Premium Boat Shine $ 48. Easy to apply - just spray on. 4.8. Will NOT Attack Adhesives or Fabric. So to help your boat out, its a good idea to give your boat a squirt of UV protectant designed for inflatable boats. For Sea Eagle products, they suggest 303 Protectant, to be applied every 30-45 days for boats that are stored in the sun. To see how we tested the inflatable boat paints, see Six Coatings Face Bench Tests on page 15. Safe for: Hypalon & PVC 27% copper provides reliable protection against barnacles and growth. 303 Protectant Features. This flexible coating won't crack or flake when rolled up. Not Oily or Greasy: No slip-sliding around Wont stain your clothes. Can be glued to the bottom of boat using HH-66 PVC glue for boat repairs sold on Amazon and hardware stores.

One of our favorite protectants is the Star Brite cleaner which is a vinyl cleaner, polish, and protectant in one. Some people who has an inflatable boat may not have heard of 303 Protectant before.

Cut to order. Sale! This Boaters Edge mold and mildew stain remover are best for marine upholstery, cushions, and covers. Or if you pull fish into the boat and let it jump around, sharp dorsal fin can puncture surface of floor if applied in unlucky directions.

inflatable boat protectant

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