4th June 2021. 16th March 2020.

4th June 2021. 16th March 2020. King's Day (formerly Queen's Day) must turn every other monarchy in the world green with envy as Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands turn a bright shade of orange to celebrate their royal family! Holidays before and after King's Day 2023 Netherlands.

Image source: TOTO. A feast requires a toast. For the jackpot you need 6 correct predictions in the number field and the right color. Kings Day in Amsterdam will bring approximately seven hundred thousand people to the city. The main prize of the New Year's Eve draw of the State Lottery went to two lottery tickets purchased in Krommenie in Noord-Holland and in Enschede in Overijssel.

In the Netherlands the lottery numbers are drawn on Saturdays. Awakenings Summer Festival, Netherlands, 29 31 July 2022 February 12, 2022 / by Roger. Tue, Apr 27, 2021. Kingsday is the annual celebration on the 27th of April of the Dutch King Willem-Alexander his birthday.

Koningsdag, or Kings Day, is a national holiday in the Netherlands in honor of the kings birthday. The Dutch national birthday party was a muted affair, dubbed King's Day at Home because of coronavirus restriction, a far cry usual nationwide celebration with street parties.

The day marks the birthday of King Willem Alexander on April 27. The royal family walks along a predetermined route, lined with orange clad people who offer them flowers and presents.

Similar to the Netherlands Lotto, EuroJackpot and most other world lotteries you will need to be a minimum of 18 years of age to play any in of the Netherlands National Lottery games. Nederlandse StaatsLoterij Odds of Winning? The player that wins the jackpot will receive 10,000 every month for as long as thirty years!

One of the biggest Dutch lottery events of the year is the upcoming Kings Day draw of the Dutch state lottery. The player that wins the jackpot will receive 10,000 every month for as long as thirty years!

Dust off those orange pants and get excited - its time for Kings Day ( Koningsdag )! Dont forget to watch the results at 10 p.m at

When Wilhelmina became Queen, the name was changed to Queens Day, but the date remained the same. On 27 April, we celebrate King Willem Alexanders birthday with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs. Show Results Search . Kings Day may well be the best party in Holland.

Make My Day 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:2; Make My Week 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:2; Make My Month 5 euro 10.000 euros 1:2; Krasbot 1 euro 400 euros 1:4,60; High pay-out rate scratch cards. The Kings Day is celebrated as the reigning King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander on this day. Recent Lotto Winning Numbers. See Who's Going to King's Day (Koningsdag) 2022 in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

Clear all. And the Royal Family visits a different city every year to celebrate this day among the citizens.

The holiday is referred to as Kings Day (Koningsdag). Search. Everyone dresses up orange, the National color of The Netherlands.

The tradition was originally called Princess Day and celebrated on August 31st, the birthdate of the then Princess, Wilhelmina.

Nightclubs in the Netherlands organise special events especially during Koningsnacht (Kings Night). Kings Day is a national holiday in The Netherlands and one where we celebrate the birthday of our King.

Saturday evening at 18.00 uur is always very exciting because the Lotto draw takes place. The last big Jackpot hit of 26,1 million euros

The draws of the National Lottery, the biggest lottery in the Netherlands, always take place at the 10th of the month. This means that Kings Day is celebrated throughout The Netherlands on the same day. This is the first time that King Willem-Alexander will be celebrating his birthday in Limburg; the southernmost province in the Netherlands. Of course, biggest parties will happen in Amsterdam. The day itself is a celebration of the monarch of the Netherlands, and until 2013 it was a queen, thus the day was called Queensday. The Nederlandse Staatsloterij is not a traditional draw type jackpot lottery as with most of the main world lotteries but is a sweepstake lottery raffle similar to El Gordo or Loteria Nacional of Spain..

Over here 6 from the 45 balls are drawn.

18 June 2022.

Alcohol is usually not allowed in trains and at train stations from 19:00 on the night preceding King's Day to 05:00 on the day following King's Day.

Both lucky winners will soon have 15 million euros, tax free, in their bank accounts, NU.nl reports.


Kingss Day or Koningsdag is perhaps the biggest birthday party of the world. The occasion is celebrated with several street parties taking place throughout the Netherlands, with Amsterdam being the most popular destination.

As a game formula the Dutch Lotto association usually sets 6 out of 45, in fact, you also have one of six possible colors for the game. Celebrated most in Europe, Spain, and Latin America, El Dia de los Reyes, as its called in Spanish, marks the glorification of baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men.

A total of Six-packs and kegs of beer are considered more than one drink and may be confiscated.

The Kings Day is celebrated every year on April 27 in Netherlands. You buy a ticket with two letters and five numbers in a shop or online.

Many young people celebrate in the streets and attend parties on Kings Night as well as on Kings Day. 25 June 2022. Definitely the kind of prizes that start temporary instances of jackpot madness! During the annual celebration, the royal family chooses a specific city to visit. The Netherlands Government Information Service, Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (RVD) announced on Monday that the Royal Family will be spending Koningsdag (Kings Day in Dutch) 2020 in the city of Maastricht.

11 26 28 32 38 43 Reservegetal 05. The Dutch Lottery was created in 2016 by the merger of the State Lottery and the Lotto.

The draw for the Staatloterij takes place 16 times per year on the 10th of each month between 6.30pm & 9.30pm CET plus there are 4 special Staats Loterij draws that occur on April

The winning ticket number is GI 59458. Since 2014, it has been celebrated on April 27, marking the birth of King Willem-Alexander. One of the best things about Kings Day is loads of music concerts and festivals being organised in the city of Amsterdam. This is probably the most fun day in The Netherlands Kings Day, April 27 February 12, 2022 / by Roger.

Type: Public Holiday. I get bombarded with letters, calls, etc all advertising all different types of lotteries (vriendenloterij, bankloterij, postcodeloterij, the list goes on..).

Saturday. The Staatsloterij, the state lottery of the Netherlands, is one of the oldest lotteries in the world.

The birthday of the incumbent monarch is a national holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. If the day falls on a Sunday it is moved to the preceding Saturday, which was the case in 2014. Kings Day 2020 has been cancelled by the county of Maastricht and the province of Limburg to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Dutch National Lottery organizes sixteen draws a year.

Lots of music parties and fun to enjoy. Kings Day is held on the 27th of April. The king himself travels through the country with his family. On Kings Day, the people make a toast to the king with Orange Bitter, a bright orange liqueur. Initially it was not well-known but after William of Orange became the first king, it was produced once more. Willem Alexander was born in Utrecht on April 27th 1967. Nederlandse Loterij, the Dutch National Lottery, has named former professional footballer Wesley Sneijder as its King TOTO for its new TOTO campaign ahead of this summers European Championship football tournament. Every year the king and his wife pick a town in the country which they will visit on the day.

The whole country is full of activities with big (music)events and flea markets.

A guide to celebrating the first King's Day in the Netherlands. The Dutch people call the day Koningsdag. The tradition of a holiday to honour the current monarch began in 1890 as an attempt to try and unify the Netherlands The place to be is Rijswijk. 1967 His birthday is celebrated by the entire nation with several concerts, street parties, and huge free ( vrijmarkt) markets. This year everything is different. The earliest version of this lottery was already established in 1726.

April 27, 2022.

The King and other members of the Royal Family join members of the public for the celebrations in a different municipality each year.

This national lottery is based on winning numbers. In the Netherlands, we celebrate Kings Day (or as is it known in Dutch Koningsdag) on the 27th of April. On the twelfth day of Christmas, January 6, we celebrate Three Kings Day! An extra number out of 39 is also being drawn. Dutch have a typical accent to pronounce Koningsdag. LIVEDRAW: 08 June 2022 # Prize Type

Live Draw Watch Our Livedraw . This national lottery is based on winning numbers. You buy a ticket with two letters and five numbers in a shop or online. You can only choose 1 or 2 numbers yourself. The Staatsloterij has 16 draws a year, and some of them take place on special occasions. For example there is a drawing on Kingsday and on New Years Eve. Besides the draws you can also win extra prizes on special occasions like Kingsday. 07 17 32 33 36 40 Reservegetal 04.

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was born on April 27.

Ever since I moved here, every year there's what seems to be the "lottery season". Every 10th of the month the Staatsloterij organizes a draw.

Everyone in the Netherlands gets off at work to celebrate this important. Three Kings Day . Since 2013 Willem Alexander has enthroned, so the day was officially renamed into the King's day, and his birthday, April 27, was set as a celebration date. The Dutch Lottery is the largest provider of games of chance in the Netherlands. Lotto in the Netherlands.

View map View list. If 27 April falls on a Sunday, King's Day is celebrated one day earlier. Prior to 2014 the celebration of Kings Day, the day was known as Queens Day.

This means that Kings Day is celebrated throughout The Netherlands on the same day. King Willem- Alexander his birthday is on the 27th of April, this means that the date of Kings Day in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and the rest of The Netherlands is the 27th of April. Kings Day is celebrated on the 27th of April 2019, the 27th of April 2020, etc. Good Friday 07.04.2023 Easter Sunday 09.04.2023 Easter Monday 10.04.2023 King's On 27 April, they celebrate King Willem-Alexanders birthday with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs.

The day officially commemorates the birthday of Willem Alexander who became King of the Netherlands following the abdication of Queen Beatrix on April 30th 2013. History of King's Day in the Netherlands. The drink was created in 1620 to celebrate Prince Fredrick Henrys victory.

King's Day parties & events .

You win the Jackpot of 2.5 million euros if all these numbers match with your ticket. The holiday was first celebrated during the reign of King William III. People observe social distancing when standing in line to buy coffee and juice on King's Day in Amsterdam Netherlands, Monday, April 27, 2020. Kings Day, also known as Koningsdag, is celebrated on April 27th, the Dutch King Willem-Alexanders birthday.

With a wide range of prize lotteries, sports betting and online casino games, they implement the Dutch gambling policy. Hollands Kings Day Lottery One of the biggest Dutch lottery events of the year is the upcoming Kings Day draw of the Dutch state lottery. Kings Day 2020 In Netherlands: How To Wish Happy 'Koningsdag' in Dutch on The Birthday of King Willem

Kings Day is celebrated with various festivities where locals and visitors alike enjoy Amsterdams open-air fun. Photo: Moniek Bloks/Royal Central. COVID-19 keeps the Dutch indoors and festivities have been canceled or moved online. They always take place at the 10th of the month. On King's Day 27 April Dutch people celebrate the birthday of King Willem-Alexander with parties and street markets. January 6, 2023. 17 April 2014, by Benjamin Garstka.

The Kings official birthday (Kings Day, Koningsdag) in the Netherlands is celebrated each year with parties, street markets, concerts and special events for the royal family on April 27.

The identities of the winners were not disclosed. King's Day. This is why there are several popular lottery organizations in the Netherlands, including the Dutch State Lottery, the Dutch Postcode Lottery and the Krasloterij. Celebrating Kings Day in the Netherlands may well be the best party in Holland.

4th June 2021. 16th March 2020.

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